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For Golf Club rental please contact Angus Glen Pro Shop directly.

Current Charity

Hope Haven

Hope Haven is a 142 acre specialized equestrian centre located on top of the Beaver Valley, 2 hours north of Toronto. Hope Haven offers equestrian sport, horsemanship, learning and therapy programs. Regardless of your ability, or (dis)ability, we adapt our programs and services to your unique needs in a safe and positive learning environment.

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If you’d like to donate any amount to the event, you can do so by e-transfer to [email protected]

About the Trust

The Michael Mutcheson Memorial Trust (MMMT) fund, established in memory of Mike Mutcheson, was started in 1996 for the purpose of raising money for scholarship awards to assist worthy high school graduates involved in athletics, located in Milton, Ontario where Mike lived and in Morden, Manitoba where he grew up, in their pursuit to secure a higher education.

Over the years, the foundation has received tremendous support from the community and in 2003 had accumulated sufficient surplus funds to award scholarships in perpetuity. Since that time, the focus of the foundation has evolved to supporting a variety of organizations dedicated to helping children and whenever possible that tie-in sport and exercise.

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Contact us now for more information on how you can contribute and make a difference in the lives of children.